Online Giving FAQ’s

What is online giving?
Online Giving is an easy and convenient way to support the ministry of Crosspoint. The benefits of using Online Giving include the convenience of being able to give from anywhere at a time that is convenient for you, not having to write checks, and the ability to set up recurring donations so you don’t miss an opportunity to give when you are away from the church.
How does the church process online giving?
Crosspoint uses PayPal to process credit card and bank account gifts and tithes. PayPal handles all of the security necessary for processing the transaction and then transfers the money into the church bank account. The church receives an instant notification about the gift or tithe. Our financial secretary is able to enter donations into the normal giving record just like donations given on Sunday mornings.
How secure is online giving?
PayPal is a secure way to make a payment with your credit card or bank account information because this information is only processed on PayPal’s secure system. The church never sees or has access to your credit card or bank account information. You can see more information about PayPal Security here.
Will the information I provide be kept private?
We take your privacy very seriously. When you make a gift or tithe, the financial secretary of the church receives an email with your name, the amount of your giving, email address, and mailing address. The mailing address is used to send giving records for donations. We never share your information with anyone else. You can view PayPal’s Privacy Policy here. We do not receive any of your credit card or banking information. Your information is kept private and safe through Paypal.
How can I keep track of my online giving?
You will receive an annual giving statement from the church which lists all donations you have given (online and in person). If you have a PayPal account then you can also see a record of donations or payments by looking at your account history. All giving using your credit card will show up on your credit card statement clearly marked from Crosspoint.
Why is a “Shipping Address” mentioned in the process?
The “Shipping Address” is the address that is emailed to the church for our records. We require this so that we can provide you with the documentation necessary for your taxes. We cannot change the wording of this aspect of PayPal so hopefully it does not cause too much confusion.
Why does Crosspoint Community Church accept credit card payments?
We accept credit card payments because of the convenience and security that credit cards provide for sending money over the internet. However, we do not want anyone to go into debt to make a gift or tithe to the church and would strongly counsel against using credit cards if this is your situation.
How can I donate or pay from my bank account instead of a credit card?
The easiest way to pay from your bank account instead of a credit card is to create PayPal account and link your bank account to it. This can also be done with existing PayPal accounts that are not already linked to a bank account.
Can I make an anonymous donation?
There is no way to make an anonymous donation through the use of online giving because PayPal does not have the ability to process anonymous donations.
Do I need my own PayPal account?
There is no need for a PayPal account if you wish to make a one-time donation or single payment using your credit card. You will need a PayPal account to make a recurring donation or to make a donation or payment directly from your bank account. If you do not already have a PayPal account and use the recurring donation option, then you will be prompted to set up a PayPal account during the process.
Is there any charge or fee to give online?
No – there is no charge to you. The church pays a nominal fee to PayPal for credit and debit card transactions for the convenience and security of the service but even this fee is waived if you give through your PayPal account with linked bank account. We would encourage you to do this (link your bank account to your PayPal account) so that everything you give to Crosspoint goes directly to ministry. All gifts to Crosspoint Community Church are tax deductible and you will receive credit for the full amount that you give whether using credit, debit, or bank transactions.